I'm most active on Discord, it's the best way to send in WIP images and keep in contact. Twitter is my second preferred means of communication.Contacts are ordered left to right from most preferred to least. My Trello is last and will show you what I am working on.


By commissioning me, you agree to these terms of service.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission.

  • All prices are in USD.

  • My style ranges and has flexibility. It'd be best to specify what kind of style I should draw in your commission.

  • Visual references preferred. The less descriptive you are with what you want, I will take creative liberties with expressions and posing.

  • In regards to payment, I accept both 100% upfront or 50% upfront then 50% after seeing the commission completed. Other payment plans can be organized depending on the final price. No refunds.

  • Turnaround times vary, but I will keep in touch with you as best as I can. Deadlines can be negotiated, but please respect my time.

  • Do not use my art for profit/reproduction (merchandise, reselling, etc.), it's for personal use only. This includes using my art in any blockchain-related technology (like minting/selling my art as NFTs or any other form of cryptocurrency).

  • As the artist, I still hold rights to my art (i.e. portfolio usage). I will let you know if I plan on posting your commission publicly and you may choose to remain anonymous.

  • Revision limits for a piece may vary. Estimated two major revisions maximum limit during sketching. Please be reasonable with minor revisions.

  • Do not alter my art without my consent. (Minor changes like cropping do not need to be asked.)

  • Please credit me if you are posting my art somewhere else.

  • Prices may be adjusted depending on complexity of the piece. All prices are starting prices and are subject to change.

  • Tips are very much appreciated!


  • Humans

  • Animals of any sort (Includes ferals and anthros. Not my strongest suit but I do have examples and I tend to be more experimental.)

  • Ship Art

  • Most Fanart

  • Gore / Blood / Body Horror (Increases price depending on the level of gore)

  • Anything that doesn't go against anything I won't draw below


  • Extremely complicated mecha/machinery

  • Real Person Fiction (I'm fine with drawing real people (who are fine with it or are established enough)/live action characters, just no ship art of real people that have not consented to be drawn as such.)

  • Media / Subjects I am uncomfortable with (Includes immoral/illegal/discriminatory subjects and media alongside media I express discomfort with. I'll let you know if what you're commissioning falls under this)

Ask me if you need any clarification or just have questions in general.



Minimal shading included. May simplify complex designs.





More options + styles to come.


These tend to take the longest, so turnaround time may be longer than the other drawings.


Build Your Own

$32 first fullbody (3/4 view)
+ $25 additional asymmetrical fullbody
+ $20 additional symmetrical fullbody
+ $15 halfbody OR regular chibi
+ $10 symmetrical chibi
+ $12 headshot
+ $10 symmetrical headshot
Free formatting, palettes, and text.
Alternate outfits, palettes, and forms may be shown through the separate assets.

+$5 for a shaded standalone of a reference asset (on the left column) with a transparent background sent to you+ $2-10 each accessory / item / closeup (depending on complexity)
+$5-10 for complex designs (possibly per asset, possibly one time charge depending on complexity)
Every drawn asset will be lined and flat colored on the reference. I do not add shading to any reference sheets.

$130 for 3/4, front, back, and side views + free headshot
(you may ask for a quote if you have something else in mind)


Humanoid Designs
$30 sketched + colored | $40 lined + flat colored
Animal Designs (Feral/Anthro)
$25 sketched + colored | $35 lined + flat colored
+$10 for additional outfit designs
+$5 for more complex designs OR accessories | +$10 for both
+70% base price for a back view design
-$10 for symmetrical designs using the symmetry tool


Simple/transparent backgrounds (this includes just using a free to use image as a background) are free of charge.Patterned / complex backgrounds start at +$10Landscape/environment backgrounds and sceneries in general start at +$30 (only applies to shaded and paintings)

+$3 for heavily colored lines, if applicable

How you wish your commission to be drawn (AKA the art style) is a factor in pricing! For example, a cartoon or chibi style can lower the price. Feel free to ask me about my range and any specific styles.Adding complex props, outfits, and more dynamic poses also add onto the price.If you're interested in anything else not offered here, feel free to inquire what else I could offer! Quotes can be requested at any time.


I will only work on one animation commission at a time. Check the to-do list on the home page to see if a slot is open.


Here are art styles I can replicate and handle. All examples in each subsection are drawn by me.

Prices will be adjusted depending on which style I am replicating. Prices shown without style specification are my base prices using my go-to art style.


I can replicate Danganronpa's art style through its character sprites, splash art, and pixels.Some examples may be on the older side. Drawing in this style will up the price a bit.

Consider sprites as full/halfbodies. Prices can be discussed for sets and expressions, as if they were spricons. Backgrounds are automatically transparent.Splash art is always a full body painting. Backgrounds are automatically transparent.Pixels cost $3 for each character. I may do animations.


I can replicate cartoon styles.Drawing in a cartoon style will most likely lower the base price.I'm familiar with...

  • The Simpsons

  • Clone High

  • Ballmastrz 9009

  • Venture Brothers

  • Metalocalypse

  • Steven Universe

  • Gravity Falls

  • Wander Over Yonder

  • Adventure Time

  • Classic/Vintage Cartoons (i.e. Betty Boop)

  • Pretty much any cartoon! Feel free to ask if I can replicate a cartoon's style that's not on this list.


I can replicate Araki's art styles, both in anime and manga form. I don't have a set preference to which way or part. Drawing in this style will definitely up the price.


This is case-by-case and you would have to ask me about that if you haven't seen any examples linked here.I would suggest looking at my interests to see what I'm familiar with. If it's listed on my interests, I will most likely say yes.However, it's something I'm unfamiliar with, I'm more likely to decline unless the style is something I'm capable of doing. You would need to send me more references if I do accept.The more heavily rendered/complex the art style is, the more likely I am to decline. I am also inclined to decline if the media itself is something I am uncomfortable with.I will only replicate art styles if they're from an established property. I will not mimic from independent artists.


First, contact me saying that you are interested in a commission.Once I confirmed I saw your message and I'm allowing commissions, I need you to send me these when in contact:

  • Your name and if you wish to remain anonymous if I post this commission publicly

  • Type of commission

  • Type of background (if applicable)

  • Character(s), along with names

  • Any props (if applicable)

  • The expression(s) and pose(s), along with the general composition

  • Visual references (either drawn or high resolution images, descriptions are allowed alongside)

  • Extra details/notes if necessary (including reasonable deadlines, if applicable)

If you wish for me to take creative liberties, specify that.